MDL DynaFOAM 21st Century Hi Tech Foam

Open layer targets are known for long life, and our Dynafoam takes open layer targets to the next level. DynaFOAM is a Multi Dimensional - Multi Directional desgined Layerd foam, with superior healing properties, easy arrow removal, and high healing properties, When Compressed DynaFOAM takes on the property adjustibility, being able to increase arrow stopping power, while controling arrow removal ease.

Our standard cut size is approx. 40" wide and 17" thick, which when stacked and compressed to a standard 48" tall target butt, you have four shooting stations. When sections begin to wear, simply replace the areas that need it, instead of the entire target.

DynaFOAM is also available in bulk, loaded on a skid cut to size, our standard size is 17" wide by 40" long by 2" thick, one side is enough to build five target butts 48" tall, by 17" thick by 40" wide.

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CF100 MDL DynaFOAM 40" Wide x ...

All New MDL DynaFOAM uses our dynamic multi Directional layered foam to produce the most a...

UF100 Full Skid of MDL DynaFOA...

Five Stacks of DynaFOAM unboxed on Skid Stack Size 40" wide x 17" Thick x 50" Tall

20" x 17" x2" Thick MDL Layere...

One Box of MDL DynaFOAM Layered Foam 20" wide x 17"Tall x2" Thick.